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Department aim to become the world's first climate positive festival

Besides putting on a festival with some of the world’s finest artists and DJ’s within electronic music Department Stockholm now sets a new standard for others to follow. Together with ZeroMission the festival will be analyzing its carbon footprint according to the standard ISO 14067:2018 and will not only climate compensate it to 100% but with 110% to become climate positive. As a way of reducing travel to the festival in Stockholm, Department Copenhagen is now being launched.

Department takes place in the meatpacking district of Stockholm and have had artists and DJ’s like; Underworld, Peggy Gou, Paul Kalkbrenner, Princess Nokia, Solomun, Axel Boman, Planningtorock, Jon Hopkins, Anja Schneider, Tale of us, Magdalena, Kornél Kovács and Todd Terje. 

Department has since its inception worked for a 50-50 gender splint booking policy as well as only serving vegan food on the festival. Now it’s time to take the next step.

– We want to be responsible for the entire festival’s climate impact, including our visitors’ journeys and create a net-positive climate footprint, explains Karl Törnros. With this initiative and with the help of ZeroMission, we create a working model for events that involve analyzing, minimizing and carbon offsetting all emissions that we have not managed to avoid. We also hope that other festivals and companies can start the same venture. I also believe that our audience wants to be involved and contribute, concludes Karl Törnros.

Department 2019 has previously announced some of this year’s artists including; Adam Beyer, Bicep, La Fleur, Sama, Very Addictive and Fatima Osman.

Today, we can also reveal that Department Copenhagen is taking place on May 24th. It will be a smaller event but has two fantastic acts; Maceo Plex and Axel Boman. Department Copenhagen takes place in Studio 2 in the DR Concert Hall. Maceo Plex and Axel Boman will also play at Department Stockholm on May 25th.

– We do believe that it’s possible to enjoy good music locally instead of traveling globally to experience more or less the same thing, says Calle Dernulf. Therefore, we make it easier for our friends in the area around Malmö and Copenhagen by presenting Department Copenhagen and thus reducing the need for them to travel to Department Stockholm on May 25th. Traveling from Malmö and Copenhagen in previous years has been our greatest single environmental impact.

Today, there is no independent standard that describes how a festival becomes climate-positive. However, there are standards that regulate the concept of climate neutral. Department has chosen to follow the PAS 2060: 2014 specification to become climate neutral, which means that the festival must document how the emissions are calculated in all steps leading up to the festival. Everything from serving food and building a stage, to the visitors’ trips and the artists’ accommodation. All emissions that are over 1% of the festival’s total climate footprint are included and calculated from a life cycle perspective.

– What makes Departments ambition unique in the branch is primarily the comprehensive climate analysis that is done according to an independent standard. The analysis shows where resources should be directed to avoid or minimize climate impact and also provides a solid foundation to stand in the statement of being climate positive. Now we hope that more follows and create climate positive events, says Johanna Grant, Climate Strategist at Zeromission.

Department will climate-compensate in the Plan Vivo certified project Bujang Raba, located in Sumatra, Indonesia, where tropical rainforest is threatened by deforestation due to high demand for palm oil.
Department’s path to becoming climate-positive is a transparent process that can be followed on the web. It was Max Burgers who paved the way for the concept of climate positive in June 2018. Department is now aiming to become the first festival in the world to become climate positive.

About ZeroMission
ZeroMission was founded in 2006 with the vision, together with our clients and project partners, to contribute to climate benefit. Apart from being one of the major suppliers of carbon offsetting projects in Sweden, we support our clients with carbon assessments and strategies to reduce their climate impact.

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